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Every report is read, investigated and treated.

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Here you can report (anonymously) information and suspicious situations

There is no place for crime in our port. We count on you to help with this.

A suspicious situation is a circumstance that appears to deviate from the normal situation and could indicate (the preparation of/traces of) a crime.

This may concern the presence of persons, vehicles, vessels, goods and/or objects for no apparent reason, whether or not at unexpected moments, or other suspicious behaviour.

  • When a truck stops in an unusual place.
  • If an (opened) container is in a wrong or strange place.
  • If there is reconnaissance around trucks, vessels, containers or installations.
  • If activities occur that are not in line with normal activities (of a company or an employee, in a parking lot, on a quay, etc.).
  • If unauthorized persons embark on vehicles or vessels.
  • If strangers in the port or online ask for port-specific information (working methods, security, specific location, etc.) without clear reasons.
  • If, as a port employee, you receive an offer to “make a quick buck”.
  • If an unauthorized person asks questions about a particular container/cargo or if an unauthorized person asks to put the container/cargo in a different location or to leave it unattended.
  • If searches in port systems happen for no apparent reason.
  • If illogical decisions appear in the schedule.
  • If access badges are used improperly.
  • If port employees incur expenses (house, car, second residence, travel, etc.) that are not or barely proportional to their regular income.
  • If employees are also present in or around the port outside their working hours.
  • If someone with little professional contact information (no or unprofessional website, mail account not linked to a company name, …) or/and with an unclear reason in the context of port activities contacts you.
  • If you are threatened by someone who wants to abuse your position/permissions/knowledge within the port.


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